Gaming misc.

Reaching new heights

Not as drastic as the title may sound. I have however beaten 14 games under 6 months, a new record for me. My previous best for a full year is 19 games. So I am set up well to beat that at least.

One of the reasons is probably because I haven’t revisited any games that I’ve played before. I’m on my way with Pokemon Black as well, so that’ll probably game 15.

Pokemon Black is a weird one. I can see why I was so confused when jumping into the Pokemon mainline games again back in 2015 with Pokemon Y (Gen 6) when I was used how Pokemon games was in Gen 2-3. A lot of the big changes were made in Black / White (Gen 5). Merging of the Pokémon Center and Poké Mart, a more cinematic emphasis, different “camera” angles during fights, stuff that has been a staple since. The mix of 3D effects on 2D sprites is something I probably an idea I have to warm up to. It’s not a favorite change so far.

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