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I have updated the site with a better structure for the categories. I have also bought a new computer, so I’m hopefully gonna post more different things here, since I don’t have to write on my phone anymore. I separated the writeups and the other stuff.

A lot of things have happened since I last posted. I have like I said, bought a new computer. I have also purchased an audio interface and new headphones. Now I can play bass without annoying my girlfriend and the neighbors. I also have the option to record ideas and possibly songs in the future. I have a lot to learn when it comes to recording. I also need to derust my bass playing-skills.

I recently started listening to a lot more death metal again, especially Entombed. Thanks to my friend Jason! He also inspired me to pick up the bass again!

On the gaming front, I got the PS5 on release and I love it. I played a lot the first couple of months, but have been in a rut lately, at least when it comes to PS5 gaming. I played through Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Platinum), Spider-Man: Remastered (Platinum), Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Platinum), Ghost of Tsushima (Platinum), Maneater (Platinum) before slowing down. So I have already gotten my money’s worth. Might do a writeup on some of them in the future.

We got an LG OLED CX on the Black Friday sale. I’m very happy with it, especially with the PS5 and also my retro setup, since it’s very compatible with my upscaler. We had planned to buy that model on Black Friday so when our old TV died the same day I got the PS5, I was both sad and happy at the same time. Had to play on my computer monitor for about a week or two.

PS5 on my computer monitor, since the TV died the same day I got the PS5.

When it comes to retro gaming I have gotten a OSSC v1.6 which has audio over HDMI, which means I now have a solution that can take and upscale all my retro consoles to my OLED. I also have a HDMI dongle for the Nintendo Gamecube booked which hopefully arrives April 30th. So I hope to play a lot more Gamecube in the future, since this device opens up the possibility for digital to digital 480p signal, so I don’t have to bother with an interlaced signal, really excited about that. I just need to figure out the optimal setup when it comes to switches, since I don’t have anymore free HDMI ports on the TV.

My current retro setup, the OSSC v1.6 to the right being the heart of the setup.

That’s pretty much what I have been doing music and gaming-wise. Been focusing a lot more on what I enjoy, so in addition to gaming and music, we have started taking long walks so get outside more. This have been helping me a bunch, so I’m feeling much better in these pandemic times.

General misc.

The apartment is coming together

With the bedroom almost finished. We are very happy with the result. The living room is the next stop. It feels natural wanting to get new furniture before the big upgrade TV-wise.

Other than the living room I want emphasize lamps and lighting in general. Bias lighting behind monitors and TVs, but also lights making the apartment cozier, in corners, on shelves.

Been using Hue bulbs for couple of years, but not for all lights, just in windows and for other miscellaneous lights. It’s time to up the Hue game and the smart home in general. With a proper smart hub I’ll be able to set day and night modes, something that’s not possible with just the Hue bridge alone.

General misc.

Updated bedroom TV bench

Since we moved into this apartment we’ve has a temporary solution for the bedrooms TV placement. The TV was standing on two stools for over a year.

After some planning and hard work we managed to DIY ourselves a nice bookcase/TV bench in the bedroom. We modified three Billy bookcases by lowering them around 30 cm and out an oak board on top of them.

I quite like the end result.

There is a Switch dock setup and ready. There is also a space for an eventual Xbox series S next to the Switch dock. My favorite thing is that it has a dedicated controller shelf in the middle, just below the TV.

General misc.

The importance of a good monitor

I didn’t really care about monitors or TVs as long the game or show was displayed correctly without any glaring issues.

This notion of mine has changed after testing high end monitors / TVs and laptops with nice monitors. I have tested 120 Hz monitors, 144 Hz monitors and even a 300 Hz monitor, OLED and LCD.

I noticed that games are so much more fun when playing on a good monitor. I haven’t bought new monitors in almost 10 years. Next time it’s time for premium monitors for the PC. For the living room it’s most probably gonna be a LG OLED.

Right now, I would probably never buy a monitor without a higher refresh rate and variable refresh rate. That’s why I’m really looking forward to a new TV in before the new console generation. To make gaming fun for real again.

General misc.

I might write more in the future

Last week I was informed that during the summer I’m gonna be working 60% instead of my usual full time. This means 4.5 hours per day.

This is due to corona. So instead of being laid off I get to work less and the government covers my salary up to 94%. The company also gets some increased financial aid from the government.

I’ll probably write some more product tests for, since I won’t work as much as before.