It’s confirmed, I’m getting a PS5 on release!

I’m very happy right now! I have stuff to do. Should probably prepare, getting PS+ to get those cloud saves and such. Need to remove the PS4 Slim and move some other consoles around so the PS5 fits. It’s gonna be exciting to test the PS5 on our old TV now and then see the […]

Gaming rut

i haven’t been playing “for real” for a long time. I played The Crown Tundra for a weekend, but I haven’t been hooked in a game for ages. I’m afraid I’m hoping too much on Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla to be the game that gets me out of the rut. Which makes it even more tricky […]

Rogue-lites, not for me

I did my second attempt to get into the rogue-lite/-like genre. This time I tried Dead Cells, a game that I have been looking at for a long time. A side-scrolling action game that’s more up my alley than The Binding of Isaac, which was my first attempt. The mechanics are super tight in Dead […]

Wired up Nintendo Switch

I have now set up USB to ethernet-dongles for both our Switch docks. Meaning there are no modern consoles in the apartment with internet capabilities that aren’t connected to the Network by cable. No SSID means ethernet cable!

Pokémon Emerald in the bag

I finished Emerald today. With my tagteam of female Pokémon. Ludicolo lvl 50, Magnectric lvl 48, Pelliper lvl 46, Breloom lvl 44, Lairon lvl 40 and finally Slugma lvl 30. The real stars were Ludicolo, Pelliper and Magnectric. Even despite being underleveled compared to The Elite Four and especially to Wallace the champion, they carried […]

The apartment is coming together

With the bedroom almost finished. We are very happy with the result. The living room is the next stop. It feels natural wanting to get new furniture before the big upgrade TV-wise. Other than the living room I want emphasize lamps and lighting in general. Bias lighting behind monitors and TVs, but also lights making […]


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