I’ve achieved my goal

One of my gaming goals this year was to beat all Halo games in the Master Chief Collection. I have now done so. Another goal I had was to play and beat one mainline game in all generations of Pokémon. Earlier this month I did that as well. This resulted in six Halo games beaten […]

In need of a game that really hooks me

After playing the wonderful Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, I really miss the games that really hooks me. Games like, The Witcher 3, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn and Ratchet & Clank (2016) and many more. Basically all the games I have Platinum in. I want a short action based game that’s mechanically solid. I […]

What to play, there is so much to play

There are so many games to play now. I want to finish Biomutant, but I can’t occupy the TV too much. So I need something to play on the PC. I’m thinking of starting Dishonored 2 again. Don’t know if I should start over or continue from where I stopped last time. On Friday Ratchet […]

Ranking Pokemon generations

I have played a lot of Pokémon recently. In total six mainline Pokémon games the last 5-6 months. This ranking won’t be super scientific, it’s just how I feel, may it be clouded by nostalgia or not. I don’t care. 8. Generation 7 – Sun/Moon The first Pokémon generation that I played on release. Also […]

Reaching new heights

Not as drastic as the title may sound. I have however beaten 14 games under 6 months, a new record for me. My previous best for a full year is 19 games. So I am set up well to beat that at least. One of the reasons is probably because I haven’t revisited any games […]

Pokémon Pokémon Pokemon

I’m nearing the end in Pokémon Diamond. Almost ready to face the Elite Four. This would make it the fourth Pokémon game this year. Three mainline games and one spin-off. I’m tempted to continue with Pokémon Black 1 after Diamond, but I have some other games coming up aswell, like Biomutant, and I should also […]


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