All games I have written about are here. The games featured here are generally games I like quite a lot, so they’re not reviews, more my view on the games.

Sunshine almost 20 years later (Switch)

I beat Super Mario Sunshine for the first time this weekend, this time for the Switch. Not being the biggest fan of 3D Mario, which I usually am quite vocal about, made this more of a nostalgia trip rather than an enjoyable moment. That aside, Sunshine is a charming game. Charming but very frustrating… And […]

A session to remember

I haven’t really felt like playing games lately. Before I always had a couple of games ready to play when I was ready for the next one. Nowadays I’m struggling to find a game that really hooks me. I have to be really stubborn to keep playing, as was the case with Alwa’s Awakening. A […]

Got an old capture card working

UPDATE: After some tinkering due to the card not getting detected the day after, our computer died probably due to a short circuit or something. The computer is dead. A couple of years ago I bought two of a capture card called Datapath E1s. The E1s is considered one of the better capture cards for […]

Hori Joy-Con

I just got a Hori Joy-Con as a replacement for my drifting original blue Joy-Con. The first thing I noticed is that it is super light-weight, which is understandable since it does not have a battery. It look pretty good, being a officially licensed product I’m not surprised. The plastic is kind of transparent. The […]

Dishonored (PC)

Back in 2012 I didn’t play that many single player games. I was studying and was watching a lot of speedrunning aswell as trying to speedrun myself. It was a couple days before October 12th. I logged onto Steam and found a game on the front page that was about to be released. The game […]

God of War (PS4)

One of the most anticipated games in 2018. A reboot that people were a bit nervous about since it’s so different from the original games. From being a pure hack ‘n’ slack with hordes of enemies to slash through in an almost wave-like fashion. I did prioritise Spider-Man over God of War in 2018, but […]


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