Gaming misc.

I’ve achieved my goal

One of my gaming goals this year was to beat all Halo games in the Master Chief Collection. I have now done so. Another goal I had was to play and beat one mainline game in all generations of Pokémon. Earlier this month I did that as well.

This resulted in six Halo games beaten in three months as well as five Pokémon games beaten in two month. Both are franchises I really enjoy. Pokémon being a huge part of my childhood, Halo being completely new for me. I would really like to see another single player focused game from Bungie since the best Halo games are made by Bungie.

Destiny 2 is a fine game, but nothing I want to experience for the story. It’s mostly just very confusing for me with it’s GUI and that takes away a lot of the experience, even though the gameplay is very refined.

So now I need a new goal.

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