I love music and here are all the albums I have covered. There will be a slight skew towards rock and metal, but I like a lot of different genres.

Dimension Zero – Silent Night Fever (2002)

Back in the day I considered In Flames one of my favourite bands. This has since changed, but I am nostalgic to the Gothenburg Sound. The bands that share the melodic death metal sound that was pioneered in the early 90’s really changed the following decades. However one of the lesser known bands actually made […]

Motoi Sakuraba – Gikyokuonsou (1991)

If anyone said that my most listened album the first half of 2020 would be japanese keyboard-based progressive rock with a lot of jazz influences I would’ve scoffed and continued with my day. The reality is however that, Motoi Sakuraba’s album Gikyokuonsou has been my steady companion to and from work a lot this year. […]

Katatonia – Viva Emptiness (2004)

Katatonia, the band that transformed from death metal to a more progressive rock with darker themes. Viva Emptiness is the album that really established the newer style after Last Fair Deal Gone Down introduced it. Of course, Katatonia hasn’t stagnated after Viva Emptiness, but the more atmospheric and ambient sound has been a staple since. […]

Tool – Fear Inoculum (2019)

After 10,000 Days people really yearned for a new album by the American masters of polyrhythm. Thirteen years later, a new album was released. It had a lot to live up to, could it sate Tool fans hunger for new songs? As a fairly new Tool fan it’s difficult for me to answer that question. […]

Music Test

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