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Wired up Nintendo Switch

I have now set up USB to ethernet-dongles for both our Switch docks. Meaning there are no modern consoles in the apartment with internet capabilities that aren’t connected to the Network by cable.

No SSID means ethernet cable!

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Super Mario: Sunshine (Switch)

I beat Super Mario Sunshine for the first time this weekend, this time for the Switch. Not being the biggest fan of 3D Mario, which I usually am quite vocal about, made this more of a nostalgia trip rather than an enjoyable moment.

That aside, Sunshine is a charming game. Charming but very frustrating… And it’s like the first appearance of one of my favorite Nintendo characters. Pretty much my favorite, Bowser Jr.

I do like the game, it’s my third favorite 3D Mario after 3D Land and Odyssey. Playing Sunshine made me very aware of the facit that I playbgames for story and exploring nw worlds. With a story as thin as a thread and also an ending that I already knew about, all that was lett was game design and mechanics. Salt it’s not the games strongest points. The best part of the game is the cozy atmosphere and unique charm.

I knew I needed to collect 50 Shines to be able to complete the game, so that’s what I aimed for. I did however, not know that it was a set of particular 50 stars. When I got 50 stars, and the for the time, aptly named Corona Mountain did ger available, I was disappointed. I wanted the game to end. I did also get stubborn and was not about tonquit. So, I powered through, collected all remaining stars I needed and conquered Corona Mountain.

What a shitty section Corona Mountain is. A Long trail of Lava where there is a boat that doesn’t burn Up when in lava. But IF an obstacle would look at it, it would just give up and let Mario melt in the lava.

After the lava section, the final boss was the only part left. I knew what to do, but the mechanics being kind of unfair at times, it took longer than I want to admit.

When the boss was beaten and the credits started ro roll. All I wanted to do was to put the game on the shelf and not play it anymore. Maybe follow Mario and Peach’s examples and to just watch the sun set. No more Sunshine.

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Pokémon Emerald in the bag

I finished Emerald today. With my tagteam of female Pokémon. Ludicolo lvl 50, Magnectric lvl 48, Pelliper lvl 46, Breloom lvl 44, Lairon lvl 40 and finally Slugma lvl 30. The real stars were Ludicolo, Pelliper and Magnectric. Even despite being underleveled compared to The Elite Four and especially to Wallace the champion, they carried their weight in gold.

I’m very happy I managed to beat the Elite Four on my first attempt, without knowing what Pokémon or types they use.

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The problem with physical copies of games

Living in a smaller apartment, space is a real problem. Especially space for bookshelves. This is why I only have PS4 and Switch games in the apartment. NES, GBA and Genesis are all flashcart, and there will be more of that.

IF I get a Xbox Series S that will for obvious reasons be all digital. I will still buy physical games for PS4, Switch and later PS5 which will requires space in our game shelf, yes singular.

I don’t have that many games, but it’s plenty for our limited space. Almost too many, but one thing I know for sure, it’s gonna be more.

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Emerald is treating me well

I’m playing Pokémon Emerald a little bit different than usual, which I really enjoy.

I started out with Mudkip but transistioned quickly using Lotad as my main. Other than Lombre, I’m currently using Breloom, Pelipper and Electrike. Mudkip isn’t even in my party.

The idea is to use Pokémon I don’t usually have in my party. Might add Slugma later on. Lombre is proving to be pretty weak early on due to pretty bad moves. Gotta find some good TMs to make Ludicolo into a powerhouse. I’m really liking the Water/Grass type since it cancels out weaknesses.

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Pokémon, but not handheld

I recently claimed that I was tired at couch gaming so I would try something om anhandheld system. Yesterday I started playing Pokémon Emerald, but not in GBA as a handheld. I powered on my Gamecube with the Gameboy Player attached, hopped onto the couch and started playing.

I never beat a Gen 3 game other than Alpha Sapphire, but wanted to beat one of the original games aswell. I want to beat at least one game of each duo/trio of games. On the horizon there is Emerald and Diamond. In the future I need HeartGold and the Gen 5 games. After that I have beaten all generations of Pokémon.

The DS games are so expensive used, but I don’t want to play on emulator. I guess I have to open my wallet to fulfill my wish.

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PS5 event, my brief thoughts

After watching the PS5 event I didn’t really feel impressed. It was pretty much what I expected. I like that Spider-Man Miles Morales is pretty much a launch game. Despite the Final Fantasy XVI rumors that has circulated it was kind of a surprise. Looks a lot like FFXV, possibly with a tight-nit group aswell.

The quick tease of God of War: Ragnarök was appreciated. But other than the event was pretty bland.

What is bullshit though is different release dates for different regions. The release date in Sweden is November 19th while in Japan and the US and others gets it a whole week earlier at the 12th… That’s really bullshit, do a worldwide release instead.

The price was expected, so no surprise there. All in all, decent show, nothing really extraordinary.

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Portable gaming incoming?

I’m a bit burned on couch gaming at the moment. So I’m glad I have options. Switch and 3DS.

One of the candidates is Pokémon Diamond, a game I never finished. Others choices are Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Need to trade some legendary Pokémon that was on the cart when I bought it used. After that I can start playing Diamond. Don’t know when I find the energi for it though.

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Motivating consoles purchases

On the Swedish gaming forum there was a topic about motivating why you bought consoles, I thought it was a fun topic. I added regions so it’s easier to differentiate the consoles.


  • NES (PAL) #1 — Our childhood consoles we got back in 1993. My parents sold it after getting us a SNES.
  • NES (PAL) #2 — Bought from my neighbors along with a bunch of games as a teenager. This was when my interest for older consoles started.
  • AV Famicom (NTSC-J) — Bought it RGB-modded from my good friend Fredrik. To be able to speedrun on.
  • SNES (PAL) — Childhood console. My siblings and I got it as a Donkey Kong Country bundle.
  • SNES (NTSC-U) — I needed a NTSC console for speedruns, since it runs att 59.94 Hz instead of 50 Hz. It is now dead, unfortunately.
  • SFC (NTSC-J) — When my American SNES died I needed a replacement, a cheap Super Famicom was my choice.
  • SFC Jr. (NTSC-J) — When it comes to SNES consoles, the later models, the better video quality. The SFC Jr. Started production in 1997, so they are always late models.
  • N64 (PAL) — Wanted a N64, so I bought it from a friend of my brothers back in 1999.
  • N64 (NTSC-J) — Due to My obsession with speedruns I wanted NTSC versions of all older consoles so I bought this one. Never been used by me.
  • Gamecube (PAL) — The first console I bought by myself and the first console bought on release.
  • Wii (NTSC-U) — Back in 2010 I got a job over the Summer. I bought a Wii since I wanted to go back to console gaming.
  • Wii U (PAL) #1 — Bought on release with my roommate. My second Nintendo console on release. My roommate bought me out when we moved apart.
  • Wii U (PAL) #2 — The console I bought after moving away from my roommate.
  • Switch (PAL) — Bought on release, my third Nintendo console on release.


  • Mega Drive Model 1 (PAL) — Got a region modded console from a friend.
  • Genesis Model 2 (NTSC-U) — Got this console from an American friend for a beer. Totalt worth it.


  • PS2 (PAL) — Back in 2007, I wanted to play the PS2 Final Fantasy’s so I got a used console.
  • PS3 Phat (NTSC-U) — a friend, Tobbe, wanted an American backwards compatible PS3. He found one in Linköping where I lived. I bought it and brought it to him. A couple of years later I wanted a PS3 to be able to play The Last of Us aning other games. Tobbe who now lived in Linköping was willing to part with his console so I bought it.
  • PS3 Slim (PAL) — Due to the Phat consoles frequent failing and it’s hefty weight I wanted a more reliable console. This is why I bought another PS3.
  • PS4 Slim (PAL) — Technically not my console. My girlfriend bought it but I’m using it. Best “purchase” ever 😉


  • Xbox 360-E (PAL) — Black Friday 2016 I bought this Xbox for almost nothing. I wanted to test out a Microsoft system.
  • Xbox One S (PAL) — In April 2017, CDON a Swedish internet shop had a Black Friday-esque sale called Green Friday. The Xbox One S console was super cheap so I bought it to play some of the exclusive titles.

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Productive gaming month

August is almost over. Starting with beating Paper Mario: The Origami King and ending with beating Darksider: Warmastered Edition. Between those games I beat Alwa’s Awakening and Untitled Goose Game aswell as getting platinum in Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night.

Right now I have no idea what to play next.