Hardware writeups

Hori Joy-Con

I just got a Hori Joy-Con as a replacement for my drifting original blue Joy-Con. The first thing I noticed is that it is super light-weight, which is understandable since it does not have a battery.

It look pretty good, being a officially licensed product I’m not surprised. The plastic is kind of transparent. The Zelda print is cool. It is weird to not see the neon-blue colour on the left side, so that throws me off.

A nice-looking Joy-Con

The stick feels fine, the D-pad though, is very spongy. Which is not a good thing, it does not feel exact at all. Also the capture-button and the minus buttons are rubber and not hard plastic like the original which is also a down-grade. It is however a cheaper replacement for handheld play, which is why I got it.

The “inner” side of the joy-con does not have the L and R buttons, which is a no-brainer since the joy-con does not work in wireless mode, only attached to the switch.

No buttons on the inner side of the Joy-Con

One aspect I DON’T like, is the release button for the joy-con itself. It’s not as shallow as the original. This annoys me since the button actually gnawing on my finger when I play.

The release button sticks out. Which makes no sense to me.

All-in-all I’m pretty happy with it, but I have to get used to the notch sticking out into my finger. I am very happy to have a joy-con that doesn’t drift. It is no super cheap, but cheaper to buy a original, and since this is officially licensed I feel it’s fine. Being a fan of Hori controllers in general I was happy to learn they made the cheaper joy-cons.

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