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I want to record more gameplay

As the title says, I want to record more gameplay and upload to Youtube. The focus would be high quality with no commentary.

I have no intentions of making “content”, I just want to use my equipment for something a bit creative. Both modern and retro. Mainly retro, since I think that’s an area where high quality console capture is needed.

This is because I’m kind of sick of seeing big YouTubers using World of Longplay footage which is played on emulator.

To make this reality I would need to setup a capture setup and get a lot of storage. in addition, since our computer died, a new computer would also be helpful. That sounds like a lot of money…

A project like this would probably help me getting to finishing my rack which has been in the works for many many years.

This picture was taken three years ago and I still haven’t finished the rack.

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