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Looking back at music from my past

I have been listening to a lot of music from my youth lately. That means that I listen to those song with new ears. The last year or so I have been very interested in music that incorporate odd meters.

Going back to music I loved prior to my obsession with odd meters, I’m noticing thatvthe parts I liked the most in the song back in the days usually have Odd meters, something I was not picking up on when I was younger.

It’s pretty nice to see that even though I didn’t know exactly what I heard, I knew there was something exciting and intriuging about those parts.

One of the prime examples is Arch Enemy’s song Silent Wars. The pre-solo part in 13/8 or alternating 6/8 and 7/8 is still the best thing in the song. There is a great tension in the added beat, which really makes that section so great.

The same effect can be found in the song Paradise Lost by Symphony X where the song itself isn’t the most interesting to me. The intro however (and large parts of the song), is adding a bar of 7/8 after three bars of 6/8. It really elevates the song, the intro especially.

I’m probably gonna write more about songs that gets “revived” to me. To see if I still have the same taste as before.

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