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Motivating consoles purchases

On the Swedish gaming forum there was a topic about motivating why you bought consoles, I thought it was a fun topic. I added regions so it’s easier to differentiate the consoles.


  • NES (PAL) #1 — Our childhood consoles we got back in 1993. My parents sold it after getting us a SNES.
  • NES (PAL) #2 — Bought from my neighbors along with a bunch of games as a teenager. This was when my interest for older consoles started.
  • AV Famicom (NTSC-J) — Bought it RGB-modded from my good friend Fredrik. To be able to speedrun on.
  • SNES (PAL) — Childhood console. My siblings and I got it as a Donkey Kong Country bundle.
  • SNES (NTSC-U) — I needed a NTSC console for speedruns, since it runs att 59.94 Hz instead of 50 Hz. It is now dead, unfortunately.
  • SFC (NTSC-J) — When my American SNES died I needed a replacement, a cheap Super Famicom was my choice.
  • SFC Jr. (NTSC-J) — When it comes to SNES consoles, the later models, the better video quality. The SFC Jr. Started production in 1997, so they are always late models.
  • N64 (PAL) — Wanted a N64, so I bought it from a friend of my brothers back in 1999.
  • N64 (NTSC-J) — Due to My obsession with speedruns I wanted NTSC versions of all older consoles so I bought this one. Never been used by me.
  • Gamecube (PAL) — The first console I bought by myself and the first console bought on release.
  • Wii (NTSC-U) — Back in 2010 I got a job over the Summer. I bought a Wii since I wanted to go back to console gaming.
  • Wii U (PAL) #1 — Bought on release with my roommate. My second Nintendo console on release. My roommate bought me out when we moved apart.
  • Wii U (PAL) #2 — The console I bought after moving away from my roommate.
  • Switch (PAL) — Bought on release, my third Nintendo console on release.


  • Mega Drive Model 1 (PAL) — Got a region modded console from a friend.
  • Genesis Model 2 (NTSC-U) — Got this console from an American friend for a beer. Totalt worth it.


  • PS2 (PAL) — Back in 2007, I wanted to play the PS2 Final Fantasy’s so I got a used console.
  • PS3 Phat (NTSC-U) — a friend, Tobbe, wanted an American backwards compatible PS3. He found one in Linköping where I lived. I bought it and brought it to him. A couple of years later I wanted a PS3 to be able to play The Last of Us aning other games. Tobbe who now lived in Linköping was willing to part with his console so I bought it.
  • PS3 Slim (PAL) — Due to the Phat consoles frequent failing and it’s hefty weight I wanted a more reliable console. This is why I bought another PS3.
  • PS4 Slim (PAL) — Technically not my console. My girlfriend bought it but I’m using it. Best “purchase” ever 😉


  • Xbox 360-E (PAL) — Black Friday 2016 I bought this Xbox for almost nothing. I wanted to test out a Microsoft system.
  • Xbox One S (PAL) — In April 2017, CDON a Swedish internet shop had a Black Friday-esque sale called Green Friday. The Xbox One S console was super cheap so I bought it to play some of the exclusive titles.

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