Gaming misc.

Pokémon, but not handheld

I recently claimed that I was tired at couch gaming so I would try something om anhandheld system. Yesterday I started playing Pokémon Emerald, but not in GBA as a handheld. I powered on my Gamecube with the Gameboy Player attached, hopped onto the couch and started playing.

I never beat a Gen 3 game other than Alpha Sapphire, but wanted to beat one of the original games aswell. I want to beat at least one game of each duo/trio of games. On the horizon there is Emerald and Diamond. In the future I need HeartGold and the Gen 5 games. After that I have beaten all generations of Pokémon.

The DS games are so expensive used, but I don’t want to play on emulator. I guess I have to open my wallet to fulfill my wish.

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