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Photo modes in games

Something that’s more and more common in games is a photo mode where you can freeze the screen and take a picture to save and perhaps share with the world. Photo modes are not the same thing as screenshot, where you can’t change the picture like removing the HUD or changing the angle of the camera.

Example of a screenshot and not a photo mode picture

Some photo modes allow the player to manipulate the image, some more than others. In Horizon Zero Dawn you can for e.g. change the pose of the protagonist Aloy. It’s also possible to remove Aloy completely. Furthermore it’s possible to change the time of day to get the the perfect dawn light. This is a powerful tool for people with an eye for picture composition.

Picture taken using photo mode in Horizon Zero Dawn

Other games, like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey are more restricted, where you can only change the angle and framing of the picture.

Picture taken with Photo mode in AC: Odyssey

Marvel’s Spider-Man also have a quite powerful photo mode. This is also an interesting tie-in to the franchise since Peter Parker is a photographer, even though the actual photo mode is not connected to gameplay. It’s possible to take selfies though, adapting modern trends.

Picture taken with Photo mode in Marvel’s Spider-Man

I have a difficult time taking nice looking photos with games’ photo modes since I completely lack skills when it comes to composing a picture.

Gallery of photo mode pictures I have taken

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