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First “all achievements” on Steam

Yesterday was an historical day, I got all achievements in a game on Steam. I am no achievement hunter, but I am known to go for Platinum (on PS4) in games that I really enjoy and are not done with when finishing the story.

After almost seven years I finally got the final achievement in Castle of Illusion (2013). September 7th 2013 to June 20th 2020, those are the days for the first and last achievements. It’s one of my favourite games, but I had never gotten a 100% save file. That has now been changed.

All Achievements in Castle of Illusion (2013) on Steam!

With me collecting all 800 diamonds in the I got the last achievement. Completely unneccessary, but fun.

Magician suit unlocked after collecting all magic playing cards

I wonder if there are achievements for this game on PS3 aswell. Would’ve been fun to have that on my PSN account. Would also be a very easy Platinum for me.

Explorer suit unlocked after collecting all chili peppers

I will probably not hunt achievements on Steam. I enjoy playing games in the sofa more than by the desk.

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