Gaming misc.

What to play

I’m waiting for Paper Mario and the Origami King, but that’s not released until July 17th. So I need something to play for when I’m done with the Pokemon Shield DLC.

I don’t want to buy anything new. I have many steam games I haven’t played. They are however not that interesting. Perhaps I should pick Darksiders since I know a lot of people like it for its Zelda-like elements. I played it for a couple of hours many years ago and I consider it more of a hack ‘n’ slash game than an adventure game with exploration and puzzle elements. Perhaps I’m wrong and should give it another chance.

I also have Thronebreaker: A Witcher’s Tale which has an compelling story, but I don’t really like the changes they made to Gwent compared to the Witcher 3 gwent rules.

There is always Tales of Berseria and Tales of Zestiria. I don’t feel like playing a JRPG though, also Zestiria was boring when I tried to play that a year ago. Didn’t grip me the slightest. It is supposed to be a pretty weak entry in the series though.

I have been playing some multiplayer games, but that will never be the majority of my time played. I don’t enjoy multiplayer games as much as single player games.

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