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Got an old capture card working

UPDATE: After some tinkering due to the card not getting detected the day after, our computer died probably due to a short circuit or something. The computer is dead.

A couple of years ago I bought two of a capture card called Datapath E1s. The E1s is considered one of the better capture cards for retro games since it’s possible to optimise a lot to get a really good capture.

I mostly bought them because they supports the 5x mode on the OSSC (Open Source Scan Converter), an “upscaler” I use to play retro games on digital displays.

I bought the capture cards from a seller on Ebay. The cards had a PCI-e bracket that didn’t fit my normal PC since they had been used in an professional environment. I needed a normal PCI-e for the cards to be able to use them.

I knew there were people who had 3D-printed replacement brackets. But I didn’t know anyone with a 3D printer so I didn’t know what to do. I bought some random brackets off of ebay for cheap to see if they would work. They did not. The DVI port wasn’t correctly aligned so the card didn’t fit into the PCI-e slot.

Now, a couple of years later I contacted a finnish speedrunner who I knew had printed PCI-e brackets for Datapath cards used at FinnRuns. So I asked if he could print a few for me, which he agreed to do. Just a few days ago they showed up, and they work flawlessly, definitely worth the cost.

I got three brackets and are right now using one of the two cards I own. I am now able to capture crisp retro game footage! I just need to get a compact portable setup since I can’t have consoles and cable up permanently, the space does not allow for it.

This is how the footage looks. I think it looks great as long as you don’t inspect it too closely. Good enough for me. It’ll also be a lot easier for me to both play and capture if the OSSC is before the signal splitting in the chain. So this is very good news for me.

Gaming misc.

Drifting again

The new Joy-Con drifts aswell… Damn…

Gaming misc.

Drifting joy-con

My left joy-con (blue) is drifting, which isn’t fun. So I ordered a new joy-con, but instead of buying a new pair I got a Zelda themed Hori Joy-con with a d-pad. We have Pro Controllers for when playing on the TV so this is only for handheld mode, which is good since it doesn’t work when not attached to the Switch.

This is mostly to prepare for vacation so I can play Paper Mario: The Origami King on the go.

I also bought a case for 24 Switch games so I don’t have to have loose card/cartridges in my case like I do have right now.

A some kind of “review” might be on the horizon in the near future.

Gaming misc.

What to play

I’m waiting for Paper Mario and the Origami King, but that’s not released until July 17th. So I need something to play for when I’m done with the Pokemon Shield DLC.

I don’t want to buy anything new. I have many steam games I haven’t played. They are however not that interesting. Perhaps I should pick Darksiders since I know a lot of people like it for its Zelda-like elements. I played it for a couple of hours many years ago and I consider it more of a hack ‘n’ slash game than an adventure game with exploration and puzzle elements. Perhaps I’m wrong and should give it another chance.

I also have Thronebreaker: A Witcher’s Tale which has an compelling story, but I don’t really like the changes they made to Gwent compared to the Witcher 3 gwent rules.

There is always Tales of Berseria and Tales of Zestiria. I don’t feel like playing a JRPG though, also Zestiria was boring when I tried to play that a year ago. Didn’t grip me the slightest. It is supposed to be a pretty weak entry in the series though.

I have been playing some multiplayer games, but that will never be the majority of my time played. I don’t enjoy multiplayer games as much as single player games.

Gaming misc.

First “all achievements” on Steam

Yesterday was an historical day, I got all achievements in a game on Steam. I am no achievement hunter, but I am known to go for Platinum (on PS4) in games that I really enjoy and are not done with when finishing the story.

After almost seven years I finally got the final achievement in Castle of Illusion (2013). September 7th 2013 to June 20th 2020, those are the days for the first and last achievements. It’s one of my favourite games, but I had never gotten a 100% save file. That has now been changed.

All Achievements in Castle of Illusion (2013) on Steam!

With me collecting all 800 diamonds in the I got the last achievement. Completely unneccessary, but fun.

Magician suit unlocked after collecting all magic playing cards

I wonder if there are achievements for this game on PS3 aswell. Would’ve been fun to have that on my PSN account. Would also be a very easy Platinum for me.

Explorer suit unlocked after collecting all chili peppers

I will probably not hunt achievements on Steam. I enjoy playing games in the sofa more than by the desk.

Gaming misc.

Photo modes in games

Something that’s more and more common in games is a photo mode where you can freeze the screen and take a picture to save and perhaps share with the world. Photo modes are not the same thing as screenshot, where you can’t change the picture like removing the HUD or changing the angle of the camera.

Example of a screenshot and not a photo mode picture

Some photo modes allow the player to manipulate the image, some more than others. In Horizon Zero Dawn you can for e.g. change the pose of the protagonist Aloy. It’s also possible to remove Aloy completely. Furthermore it’s possible to change the time of day to get the the perfect dawn light. This is a powerful tool for people with an eye for picture composition.

Picture taken using photo mode in Horizon Zero Dawn

Other games, like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey are more restricted, where you can only change the angle and framing of the picture.

Picture taken with Photo mode in AC: Odyssey

Marvel’s Spider-Man also have a quite powerful photo mode. This is also an interesting tie-in to the franchise since Peter Parker is a photographer, even though the actual photo mode is not connected to gameplay. It’s possible to take selfies though, adapting modern trends.

Picture taken with Photo mode in Marvel’s Spider-Man

I have a difficult time taking nice looking photos with games’ photo modes since I completely lack skills when it comes to composing a picture.

Gallery of photo mode pictures I have taken

Gaming misc.

30-Day Video Game Music Challenge

I found this “challenge” on Twitter and I thought i looked like fun. I have done the “hard mode” version where you can’t repeat games. Instead of taking one a day I’m gonna list all games in the same post.

Day 1 – Title Screen Music

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Opening Theme

Day 2 – Opening Level Music

Journey to Silius – Stage 1

Day 3 – 8-Bit Music

Blaster Master – Area 1

Day 4 – Music From a Console Exclusive Title

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Ancient Gardens

Day 5 – Hub World or Overworld Music

Golden Sun – Overworld Theme

Day 6 – Music that make you feel relaxed

The Legend of Zelda – Intro

Day 7 – Music from an Indie Game

Shantae Half-Genie Hero – Dynamo

Day 8 – Music from a Shooter (First or Third Person)

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

Day 9 – Music from a Licensed Game

The Great Circus Mystery: Starring Mickey and Minnie Mouse – Jungle

Day 10 – RPG Battle Music

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time – Cutting Edge of Notion

Day 11 – Puzzle Game Music

Adventures of Lolo 2 – Game Theme

Day 12 – Music That Make You Sad

Tales of Symphonia – It is sad

Day 13 – Music You Like From a Game You Don’t Like

Solstice – Title Screen

Day 14 – Music Featuring Vocals

Final Fantasy VII – One Winged Angel

Day 15 – Boss Battle Music

Final Fantasy V – Clash at the Big Bridge

Day 16 – 16-Bit Music

Super Mario World – Castle Theme

Day 17 – Music You Never Get Tired of

Jet Force Gemini – Opening Theme

Day 18 – Music in a Game Released the Year You Were Born

Chip ‘N’ Dale: Rescue Ranger – Zone J

Day 19 – Cover of Music by a Different Artist

Video Game Orchestra – Yasunori Mitsuda – Time’s Scar

Day 20 – Music From a Racing Game

Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe) – Moo Moo Meadows

Day 21 – Music You Associate With Frustation

Dr. Mario – Chill

Day 22 – Town/Village Music

Castlevania II: Simons Quest – Town Theme

Day 23 – Underrated Music

The Misadventures of Flink

Day 24 – Music You Constantly Have Stuck in Your Head

Mario Kart Double Dash!! – Baby Park Theme

Day 25 – Music That Gets You Pumped

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon – Awake

Day 26 – Music you like from a game you haven’t played

Persona 4 – I’ll Face Myself 

Day 27 – Music from a handheld Game

Advance Wars – Andy’s Theme

Day 28 – Music That Make you Nostalgic

Warcraft 2 – Human 1

Day 29 – Final Boss Music

Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age – Doom Dragon

Day 30 – Credits Music

Super Mario 64 – Staff Roll